Meet our Heroes of Fashion Sustainability

The SIXR team is a living testament to the age-old wisdom: don't judge a book by its cover.

While we may appear youthful, our collective experience spans over 100 years. These years represent a saga of successful ventures and a deep commitment to driving social and environmental change.

Partnering for Impacts

SIXR collaborates with renowned institutions like George Brown College and the Brookfield Sustainability Institute to drive sustainable change in the fashion industry.

These partnerships are not just about sharing knowledge; they're about shaping the future of sustainable apparel. George Brown College, known for its excellence in design education, brings expertise in sustainable fashion production to our initiatives.

The Brookfield Sustainability Institute adds a crucial dimension, ensuring that our efforts align with the latest sustainability practices and research.

When we work together with our community we redefine the future of fashion, one partnership at a time.